Friday, 12 October 2012

Ostrov Updates

Ostrov is a small village located in Czech Republic just on the border with Germany. It is really quiet place with lots of walls and rock towers around it. It's hard to believe the thick forest wasn't here few decades before and the whole area was covered by fields. Nowadays at some of the local highline spots the trees are almost too high ;)

The coolest place in the whole village is campsite and pub 'Pod Císařem' where you can stay and get some delicious check food and beverage. The pub has it's own character and it is really busy on weekends so actually best time to come and highline is during the week.

Sleeping in 'Pod Císařem' (photo by Jean Geofrrion)
Jordan working in a pub ... (photo by Jean Geoffrion)
Well, I don't think I have to describe this place any more. Most of you probably already have been there  and if not you should definitely come and check out this amazing place. It is great for hiking, biking, climbing and most important ... highlining.

Most of the lines around Ostrov have average height of 20m but you can find anything from lower up to around 50 meters. The length of the lines is even more diverse; you'll be able to choose from multiple already existing lines from 6 up to 96.5 meters range ("Master of Universe" Highline).

Kwjet on the "Master of Universe" back in 2010 (photo by Jordan Tybon)
There is much more potential for mid-sized lines and BIG ones. Depends on the area you can also experienced different kinds of exposure. Most of the lines are in/above the forest or are exposed just one one side but the lines in between rock towers (for example Himmelreich Area).

Himmelreich Area (photo by Jordan Tybon)
In Ostrov rigging the lines is big part of heaving fun. You can not bolt because of the sandstone climbing traditions and ethics so you have to be creative and sling rock towers, blobs, put knots tight on spansets or pieces of wood/rocks as your caming devices in a cracks.

Jan & Kwjet slinging big tower (photo by Jordan Tybon/2010)
Because of all these reasons I really like coming back to Ostrov and it is a great area for practicing and mastering your highlining and free-solo skills. You can send without protection on really mild lines or get REALLY scarred.

FS on the "No Gods No Masters" Highline (28m L/28m H)
OS-FM-FS on the "Rainmaker" aka "Free Some" Highline (14m L/35m H)
This place is not only special to me but my friends and whole slackline community. Faith Dickey is currently leaving in Ostrov, establishing new lines and raging really hard, Jordan Tybon walked his first highline without protection there and the whole area hosted multiple slackline festivals and meetings (including Petzl Slack Trip or annual Girls Only Slackline Festival).

Jordan on the "Alterweg" Highline just before his first freesoloco (photo Jan Galek)
Faith and Jan (Kletter Kiddies) together in Ostrov (photo by Jean Geoffrion)

FULL story: HERE

Peace & SlackOn!