Wednesday, 19 January 2011

LA Trickline Session (MOVIE)

  Somewhereelseland team is going to San Diego today. We are going to meet with our friends from Canada and next day leave to Mexico. For the last week we were trying to raise some money to repair our car "Rambo" and slacklining and highlining in-between.
   Together with Dave, the three of us bolted and sent new highline in LA called "Yuccafied" (20m length, 30m height). The line is really beautiful. It goes over waterfall from big boulder on one side to bolts in the wall on the other side. Thanks Dave for showing to us this amazing spot. More details and movie about "Yuccafied" Highline coming soon!
  Janek made his first trickline video. Shooting the footage and editing took one day! We used our HD camera but most of the footage in the video came from our new GoPro video camera (thank you GoPro)!


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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Joshua Tree 2010

After 10 rainy days spent in L.A. at Rick's place, on 23rd of December, Faith, Janek and our friend Mich finally left to Joshua Tree National Park. We were psyched to get back on the lines and start to climb again.

Rainy days in L.A., bored , coffee ... (photo by Mich Kemeter)

The route from L.A. to J. Tree was easy drive although we had to deal with crazy Los Angeles traffic and some big hills just before our destination. We were followed by Mich in "his" Jeep.

On the road again (photo by Mich Kemeter)

Getting close to J. Tree (photo by Mich Kemeter)

We stopped to buy food and supplies before getting inside the park. Fortunately we had enough luck to find free camp-site in Hidden Valley camp-ground. This year we got camp-site number 23. The same day or rather night three of us bouldered a bit with poor headlamp night. It was really fun and Janek and Mich managed to send "Stem Gem" V4 in the night with headlamps on. This is classic problem from John Bachar.

We met many old friends from the last year and had some fun with new people. It was great time to hang out with our Canadian friends Thomas, Charlie and Greg. Our good friend Ric Phiegh came from L.A. and brought full truck of wood. Since that day our dirtbag life was way better!! Thanks Rick!

Before New Years when Jordan and Annalena suppose to arrive we did some warm-up stuff in the park. First we set up 90' Cave Corridor line and Canadians had 60' line up. We walked both lines OS&FM (Faith sent all the lines in the belt-loop swami and Janek and Mich ball&chain).

Janek ball&chain on the 90 footer (photo by Mich Kemeter)

Faith sending the 60 footer (photo by Mich Kemeter)

It was really cold but it felt nice to be on the highline again. We climbed and bouldered a lot. Our everyday routine was breakfast, a bit of free-solo climbing or bouldering, stretching and than going to realize main plan for a day.

Next line we went to set up was "Hall of Horrors" Highline we have did last year already. Thomas and Charlie went together with us. Set up was quite easy. We had to get right size nuts to screw in the hangers but that was the only problem. Faith walked the line in the leash-swami and Janek sent with the ankle leash. He walked the line one more time this time free-solo. Faith and Mich cruised the line one more time and Thomas sent make look this line easy.

Monkeys on the rock (photo by Thomas Sloss)

Faith sending (photo by Mich Kemeter)

Janek sending the line FM free-solo (photo by Thomas Sloss)

In the next few day Faith and Janek picked up on the airport Jordan and Annalena. For the next highline project our team was back together. The other line we set up was 100' long and 75' heigh "Hemingway" Highline. We went together with many friends. We met up with good Jerry's friend Dave which didn't slackline for 8 months and than he had send that highline in one direction. That was amazing ascent to watch. Jano also did great job on the line. After many catches and mental fight he finally sent the line. Everyone was celebrating when Jano step off the line. Janek and Mich walked the line OS&FM with the ankle leash, Faith sent with leash-swami first try, both directions and Jordan sent OS&FM in the swami-belt.

Jordan getting some ... surf! (photo by Faith Dickey)

Jono ready to send (photo by Jordan Tybon)

We bouldered a lot between highlining days. Mich and Janek sent "White Rastafarian" - high-ball V3. The three of sent other high boulder problems. Some of climbed also some TRAD routes. It was really fun.

Charlie and Janek spotting Alfredo on the "White Rastafarian"(photo by Mich Kemeter)

Soon we had another opportunity to walk "Hall of Horrors" Highline again. Jono and his girlfriend set it up again. When we arrived Jano already walked the line couple times. Janek walked the line first with the ankle leash. The highline was a bit too tight. We loosened it a bit and Jordan and Faith walked next. Faith was really happy for the opportunity of walking this line again. She wanted to free-solo this line too last time, but it was too windy and too late. Faith got the second free-solo FM ascent of this 25m long and 30m heigh exposed line. The same day Mich got the third full free-solo send.

Faith on the line ... (photo by Jordan Tybon)
We bouldered even more and harder and the three of us sent "Chongo Gap" Highline again. Janek, Faith and Mich all sent free-solo. We didn't get chance to meet up with our friend Frankie and Jerry left Joshua Tree after two days.

Moves on the Manx Boulders (V4) (photo by Jordan Tybon)

Janek on the V3 (Manx Boulders) (photo by Jordan Tybon)

Mich Kemeter on the V2 (Manx Boulders) (photo by Jordan Tybon)

We moved back to the Pit where we stayed together with Phil and the other guys. We had to leave J. Tree soon so we decided to do some new project. We scope out the line in the night and after two days (the rigging took much longer time than we expected) everyone got their ascent. Faith walked the line first. She tried first in the swami-belt but the line was crazy loose. We tensioned the highline afterwards and Faith send FM in the harness. Mich walked the line after Faith in a harness OS&FM. Jordan and Janek had to send the line next day. They were way to exhausted after full day of rigging and scrambling around. It was also the end of the day and it was getting dark. Both of them sent the line next day in the harnesses OS-OW&FM. The line was named by Faith Dickey with the name "Ranger Danger" Highline.

Rigging the line ... (photo by Jordan Tybon)

Faith going for the first ascent (photo by Jordan Tybon)

Mich Kemeter sending the line just before it got dark (photo by Jordan Tybon)

The line is spectacular. We think it's about 45-50m long and 30m heigh. Soon, Jono should send as exact length after measuring it.

We had a blast in J. Tree! Christmas Ave and New Years were great party with a lot of climbers and slackliners.
We are in LA right now. The way of spending time is working on the blog, website, waiting for our car to be fixed (we have to rebuilt an engine which will cost us around $1300). Luckily Prana will support us with a bit of money and we are getting some money too. We should be all right. We are planning to leave to San Diego and then Mexico on Monday. Arriva, a ja ja jaaaj!

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Moab PHOTO GALLERY by Heinz Zak

Our good friend Heinz Zak gave us some photos from our adventures in Moab to use on our team blog. It was really nice time together. Heinz, we miss you on our trip. We wish you could make it to Joshua Tree. We will see in Europe and walk some lines together soon!!

Jan Gałek on the "God Loves Americans" Highline (OS&FM in the swami)

"God Loves Americans" Highline (47m length, 35m height)

Faith Dickey on the 120' Dean Potter Highline, 100m above valley deck (OS&FM in the swami)

Fire at the Fruit Bowl ...

To see all the pictures click HERE

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Monday, 10 January 2011

VIDEOS from Moab

Brian Mosbaugh a friend of ours made two short movies from rope swings we did in Moab (Fruit Bowl) and another documentary from the GGBY III highline gathering. Enjoy some nice footage!

GGBY III documentary:

Thanks Brian!

We are still working on our movie from Moab and Joshua Tree. It will be done in the nearest future ;)

Peace & SlackOn!

Article in Sportweek in Italy: "Barfoot in the Sky"

  About a month ago Italian journalist Landiorio Lacopo send us an e-mail asking if we are interested in the article describing what we do, our lifestyle and our team. We had an offer of 4 pages inside and a cover photo. The article is finally ready and will be published in weekly sport magazine "Sportweek" in Italy. Sportweek is an information sports magazine of La Gazzetta dello Sport. The three of us answered all the question and that material was used in the article. All the photos came from Nikos Pilos - Greek photographer which took photos of us last year in Meteora.We got the scan of the article and it's translation which you can find below the pictures. We are still waiting for the cover photo. It will be posted here soon!


Headline: “To Live on a Line” (In Italian it’s a word game to say also “to live in an adventurous way”
Under headline: "Have you ever tried to walk in the sky? There are people who’s doing (and they tell us their story)"
The Jordan’s quote in cover: "We like to move on, after a couple of years , to see something new, find new people to connect with”

Page 1: Jan Gałek on the 36m long and 200m heigh "Nonnentanz" Highline in Meteora (Greece)

Page 2 (from left to the right): Jan Gałek on the 73m long and 40m heigh unfinished "Spindle" Highline project, Jordan Tybon taking intentional whipper on the 36m long and 200m heigh "Nonnentanz" Highline, Faith Dickey rigging "Nonnentanz" Highline, Jan Gałek rigging the "Spindle" Highline

Page 3: Faith Dickey sending "Nonnentanz" Highline in the swami (OS&FM)

Page 4 (from left to the right): Jordan Tybon, Bernhard Witz and again Jordan. We do not remember which line was it exactly (somewhere in Meteora, Greece)

Barefoot in the Sky

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” This is a Confucius’s quote that Jan, Faith and Jordan put in their website, To them it is also a lifestyle. These are two boys and girl that practice a new sport, slacklining, which differs from acrobats because they use flat webbing, a “slackline” and not a rope."

To read the rest of the article click HERE

More to come soon!

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