Monday, 10 January 2011

Article in Sportweek in Italy: "Barfoot in the Sky"

  About a month ago Italian journalist Landiorio Lacopo send us an e-mail asking if we are interested in the article describing what we do, our lifestyle and our team. We had an offer of 4 pages inside and a cover photo. The article is finally ready and will be published in weekly sport magazine "Sportweek" in Italy. Sportweek is an information sports magazine of La Gazzetta dello Sport. The three of us answered all the question and that material was used in the article. All the photos came from Nikos Pilos - Greek photographer which took photos of us last year in Meteora.We got the scan of the article and it's translation which you can find below the pictures. We are still waiting for the cover photo. It will be posted here soon!


Headline: “To Live on a Line” (In Italian it’s a word game to say also “to live in an adventurous way”
Under headline: "Have you ever tried to walk in the sky? There are people who’s doing (and they tell us their story)"
The Jordan’s quote in cover: "We like to move on, after a couple of years , to see something new, find new people to connect with”

Page 1: Jan Gałek on the 36m long and 200m heigh "Nonnentanz" Highline in Meteora (Greece)

Page 2 (from left to the right): Jan Gałek on the 73m long and 40m heigh unfinished "Spindle" Highline project, Jordan Tybon taking intentional whipper on the 36m long and 200m heigh "Nonnentanz" Highline, Faith Dickey rigging "Nonnentanz" Highline, Jan Gałek rigging the "Spindle" Highline

Page 3: Faith Dickey sending "Nonnentanz" Highline in the swami (OS&FM)

Page 4 (from left to the right): Jordan Tybon, Bernhard Witz and again Jordan. We do not remember which line was it exactly (somewhere in Meteora, Greece)

Barefoot in the Sky

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” This is a Confucius’s quote that Jan, Faith and Jordan put in their website, To them it is also a lifestyle. These are two boys and girl that practice a new sport, slacklining, which differs from acrobats because they use flat webbing, a “slackline” and not a rope."

To read the rest of the article click HERE

More to come soon!

Peace & SlackOn!

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  1. Great article! Shared with everyone I know. You guys are an inspiration!