Thursday, 23 December 2010

"Equilibrium" Movie Teaser from Brazil

  This is the first time we are about something different than news coverage of our trip in USA. This is special situation caused by really unique movie we saw. This production is made by our fellow slackliners from Brazil. It is called "Equilibrium" and has some amazing slackline and highline footage in it. We really enjoyed the way it is made so that is the reason why we are sharing it on our blog. We can not wait to see full movie. Hopefully the crew from Brazil will serve us amazing and high quality material. Take a look!

MORE info about the movie down below:

The movie will be made by young Brazilian movie makers. The crew still needs to shoot some waterline footage, more trickline action and document another highline project. Allan Pinheiro, one of the involved athletes, says about the movie: "the purpose of this production is to show Brazilian slacklining through the art of cinematography".

Director: Paulo di Biasi and Bruno Villela
Production: Ana Elisabeth, Clara Guimarães and Luiz Octavio Guimarães
Dir Photography: Eduardo Pessôa
Art: Mari Giudicelli
Assistant Dir: Pedro Coqueiro
Edition: Paulo di Biasi and Bruno Villela
Athletes: Allan Pinheiro e Daniel Olho

The Spots:

Trickline - Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro
Highline - The Devil´s Throat - Niterói, Rio de Janeiro


Trickline - Jibline Gibbon (12m)
Highline - Kailash tubular line (11 m length, 31 m height)

The Brazilian crew is still trying to get sponsorship to finish the work. They're hoping to release full movie till the end of January. Good luck! :)

Peace & SlackOn!

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