Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Trickline Session, LA, Santa Monica Beach

  The next day after the the drive to LA, the 12th of December, we went to the Santa Monica Beach to trickline and have fun together before Jordan took of to Tacoma. We knew we wouldn't trickline too long because he had the flight the same day. Fortunately the days are really short and it's getting dark pretty early anyway. This way we didn't have to check the time and stress about it.
  We didn't trickline for too long but it was really nice. For Janek it was the first trickline session after he injured him self before Gibbon World Cup in Brixen (Italy) during International Mountain Summit. It was successful session even though none of didn't do anything super hardcore. We got some cool footage on our old-school video camera and Jordan took few photos.
  Most important, it was nice to be warm, slacklining over the sand next to the ocean. We met some other slackliners. Few people tried slacklining for the first time in their life too.
  Other cool thing we saw and tried was "Travelling Rings". It is really nice sport and it seems like this people are heaving fun in really similar way we do.
  On of them, Dave Trager, slacklined a bit on our lines and invited us to try the rings.
He showed us the right technique and all three of us did few laps on it. It was really physical thing to do. We are psyched to come back to the beach and swing more on it. Thanks Dave! It is really nice free and fun feeling, the same as in tricklining.
  After the trickline session Faith and Janek left Jordan on the airport. He will spend the Christmas with his family and his girlfriend Annalena. We will meet again in Joshua Tree for New Years.

Click HERE if you want to read about last year slackline session at Santa Monica Beach.

  Down below photo gallery by Jordan Tybon and cool movie about Travelling Rings we found on Youtube, enjoy!

Faith in the air ...

Faith doing double drop knee

Janek jumping above the rail ;)

Atomic butt-bounce compilation

Faith swinging on the rings

Peace & SlackOn!


  1. Kick ass guys! Thanks for the shout, and can't wait to hang next time you are around!

    Although, I'm pretty sure it was someone else that showed you the rings- I was just hanging out by the slackline. lol But I'll take credit! ;)

  2. Cool man! Sorry for the confusion but I definitely remember you from the beach. Let's leave it this way :) We'll be back in LA for sure so we can go and do some stuff together. I would definitely hang out more on the SM beach. Janek