Monday, 6 December 2010

Potato Power

On 4th of December VacasPurpuras released another highline movie called Potato Power.
Somewhereelseland team Jordan Tybon, Faith Dickey and Jan Galek are proud to be in this movie. We had to shoot during two days period of time only. Wojtek Kozakiewicz have captured trickline session and setting up and walking Janek's old highline project.

Some shots from Potato Power below:

We had to deal with lack of money. We hitch-hiked to Krakow straight from Ostrov with about $12 in our pockets. Janek spent most of his money on bolts and hangers needed for rigging the highline. We lived one week eating mainly potatoes in many different forms.
There was a lot of luck involved in the story. We found the way to get to the project just one night before. Thanks to Stanley Zolnierczyk for driving us to the project and back to Krakow! At the evening we hang out with Ivo Ninov which also borrowed us his B.A.S.E. video camera and gave as a ride to Katowice so we didn't have to hitch-hike back all the way to Wroclaw.
Wojtek borrowed full HD Canon photo camera and small slider which made this footage highest quality. We also used zip-line stretched above the tricklines to get smooth and dynamic transition with all the lines in the picture ending with Jordan surfing the line with 180 twist.
Three of us walked 35m long and 30m high "Potato Power" Highline OS&FM in the swami.
We hope you will enjoy the movie. By the way - Potato Power won second award at Cracow Mountain Festival film contest!! Congratulations Wojtek! Great job!

GÓRY climbing magazine,
- VacasPurpuras
- Article on Faith's blog

Peace & SlackOn!

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  1. one of the best slackline movies I've seen yet. keep up the good work