Monday, 6 December 2010

Moab - Fruit Bowl Madness

On Wednesday, the 1st of December, Somewhereelseland team members went again from Fruita (CO) to Moab (UT) again.

Rest at Terry's ... (photo by Jordan Tybon)

First we visited again "Silt Road" highline location to finish rigging Jordan's 47m long highline project.

Faith ready to ROCK! (photo by Jordan Tybon)
Both anchors are placed on the extra large boulders sitting on the top of the wall. The line is pretty up high (about 30-40m).

Andy sending the line ... (photo by Jordan Tybon)

We had the line rigged before it was dark and ready to send for the next day.

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

Jordan tried the line with really, really bad light ...

Jordan, the king of darkness ... (photo by Faith Dickey)

Jordan got first ascent OS-OW&FM in a swami and called the line "God Loves Americans". Scandy walked the line OS&FM ball&chain style and Faith and Janek sent the line in the same style as Jordan.

Scandy on the line ... (photo by Faith Dickey)

Heinz Zak taking picture of Faith finishing her send (photo by Jan Galek)

Faith on the line (photo by Jordan Tybon)

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

Our rig was 2 pieces of Type-18 although we think we tensioned back-up too much. The line has 5 bolts per side (standard Terry's bolting style with direction bolts) and it is definitely the most wicked line out there!

Jan Gałek - 2nd walk in the swami (photo by Jordan Tybon)

Afterwards Jordan, Brian, Janek and Faith did 60' rope jump from the side of the highline. Our exit was barely above the line but because of that the swing was huge. It was scary and FUN as hell! We got some sweet footage, coming up soon.

Take a look on the GIF file from "God Loves Americans" Highline Jordan made:

We spent the night at Brent's place.

Tree-nets at Brent's place (photo by Jordan Tybon)

(photo by Jordan Tybon)

At the morning next day we went together with Heinz Zak and Brian Mosbaugh to meet with other friends of us Andy Lewis, Terry Acomb, Ryan Matson, Mason Earle, Richard Webb, Canyon and Bayla Cain and their awesome dad Brent Cain at Fruit Bowl.
This spot is insanely deep canyon which offers lines from small to huge size. First day was the rigging day. At the same time we were rigging two highlines. Andy Lewis had crazy plan to set up 420' line with his 400' piece of Vectran. Unfortunately he didn't walk the line because of poor rigging. We are sure Andy will send this line. Just wait till he gets his new piece of webbing!
During that time our team was rigging 120' long line which is known from Dean's B.A.S.E. ascent (Potter walked this line with the B.A.S.E. rig on but B.A.S.E. jumped actually from the other line in Moab).
We have to admit the line offers beautiful exposure and it is pretty scary.
Take a look on Dean's B.A.S.E.line footage:

Between GGBY 3 highline gathering and our second trip to Moab Andy Lewis did second B.A.S.E. jump from the highline ever. In our opinion that was really bold to do on the highline which is rigged with 1" webbing and the back-up rope. Dean Potter's line was super tensioned rope Amsteel Blue which makes the exit much more stable and safe. You should see the second jump from Andy when the webbing shoots him down and for the split of second he is totally out of control. Scary shit! Check the video:

Faith, Jordan and Janek sent 120' highline OS&FM in the swami.

Photos by Jordan Tybon:

Heinz, Jordan and Faith took some awesome shots. The line was sent by Mason Earle too and was his longest highline till date. Congratulations buddy!

Mayson sending (photo by Faith Dickey)

Besides that Terry and Faith walked "Wet Beaver" Highline (all of us sent it last year already) on new Terry's set-up (1" tubular on the top, Vectran & Amsteel Blue).

Faith on the "Wet Beaver" Highline, 2009 (photo by Jordan Tybon)

Take a look on the GIF file from "Wet Beaver" Highline Jordan made:

The next day we rigged rope swing attached to the 120' highline. First we dropped the haul bag from the middle of the guide line (we placed one bolt for it). The test went well and Brian was first to fall into the void.

Janek rigging ... (photo by Faith Dickey)

Test with haul-bag (photo by Faith Dickey)

After Brian's B-Day jump we decided to go bigger. Jordan, Janek, Faith and Mayson made next longer jump from the rock edge as the exit point. Mayson did some nice cartwheel on the way down.

Jordan and the "middle exit point" jump (photo by Faith Dickey)

Jordan jumped from the furthest exit point the same day. It was almost dark and it looked dangerous. Everything went fine and we were prepared for the next day big jumps. All three of us were totally dead after jugging 60-70m on the rope attached to the bouncing highline.
For the rigging we had highline set up (Type-18 + 9.8mm diameter dynamic rope back-up). For the rope swing we tensioned another dynamic and static rope underneath from separate anchors. In the middle of the line we placed Terry's Velcro-sleeve to protect the line.

During that day Andy and Richard B.A.S.E. jumped from a middle of the 420' highline (from hanging). It looked really awesome. Both guys opened a bit to the right but there was enough space to get out of it. Andy first idea was to stand up in the middle of the line, take few steps and jump. The line was way to hard and both of them exited from hanging.

On the last day we had to wake up early and do all the jump we wanted as soon as possible. We had to take down everything before 12 o'clock. We used some Andy's gear and he had to come to Boulder (CO) at that time.

Brian jumped first than Janek, Ryan and Heinz. At the end after all the cameras were on the position Jordan jumped clipped on his back (superman style) falling head down and doing some weird aerials on the way.

Our plan was to rig two other highlines after rope jumping. Eventually we decided to come back to Terry's and rest. Three last days consumed all the energy we had. Beforehand we went to eat some amazing dinner (steak with vegetables and mashed potatoes) cooked by Ryan. Thanks man, that was delicious! It is awesome to eat something like this in the restaurant with the view of Moab from the top of the hill. It doesn't happen to often in our dirtbag life (it could be one good meal per week). We came by for the second to Brent's house and rode back to Fruita (CO) where we are staying right now for two days working on the website, blog and videos during our rest-days.

Tomorrow, the 7th of December, we're going to rig and walk 90', 120' highline and Faith will hopefully put up FA of the 130' project. Than our plan is heading to Los Angeles to visit our friend Rick Phiegh and Joshua Tree and do some projects on the way. Stay tuned!

Peace & SlackOn!


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