Wednesday, 19 January 2011

LA Trickline Session (MOVIE)

  Somewhereelseland team is going to San Diego today. We are going to meet with our friends from Canada and next day leave to Mexico. For the last week we were trying to raise some money to repair our car "Rambo" and slacklining and highlining in-between.
   Together with Dave, the three of us bolted and sent new highline in LA called "Yuccafied" (20m length, 30m height). The line is really beautiful. It goes over waterfall from big boulder on one side to bolts in the wall on the other side. Thanks Dave for showing to us this amazing spot. More details and movie about "Yuccafied" Highline coming soon!
  Janek made his first trickline video. Shooting the footage and editing took one day! We used our HD camera but most of the footage in the video came from our new GoPro video camera (thank you GoPro)!


Peace & SlackOn!

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