Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Mexico Trip

  Two days ago we came back from our 12 days long trip to Baja in Mexico. Together with our two Canadian friends Thomas Sloss and Charlie Long we shared some amazing moments, laughs and highlines.

  It was a big adventure which costed us a bit more money than we thought. Apparently Mexico is not so cheap as we imagined. Our car "Rambo" seemed to be not co-operating with us. We could enjoy our trip after 'Micky-Mousing" the ignition switch, putting new gas pump inside the car and overheating because of the fuse failure. Not to mention we just rebuilt the car engine before going to Mexico.

Towing car preparation

  We managed to put up two highlines in different parts of Baja. Our first line was about 54m long and 25m up high "Las Desgracia de Coches" (eng. car misfortune) Highline. Jordan got the first send, which is probably the first highline in Mexico. Faith got the only full walk on the line and name it afterwards. Jordan and Janek sent the line only one way although had some good tries on the way back. Thomas and Charlie had some nice attempts and got some cool experience on such a big line.

Charlie Long on the line

  We stopped on the beach to rest before next project in Cataviña. We got tent and Thomas extra cut on his had thanks to surfing board. We were ready to go back to the desert after nice slackline session on the beach.

  Because of helping women on the side of the road standing next to broken car we got to meet Nathan - locals from Cataviña village. This young man is really nice guy, great photographer and son of the Cafe's owner. We were allowed to camp for free on the junk-yard behind their place. Cataviña is insanely similar to Joshua Tree. Although there is no Joshua Trees but bunch of cactuses and other spiky stuff and ... no rangers. Unfortunately the rocks are much smaller then rock in J. Tree. The rock quality is pretty bad although there is a lot of good bouldering (definitely needs metal brush to clean some holds). It was hard to find the spot, but Jordan managed to find really nice one. Faith and Janek sent the line with the ankle leash and Jordan in a belt-loop swami. Janek got the first ascent and and later on walked 100' long 30' high line leash-less FM. The line was named by Jordan "Robot vs. Dinosaur" Highline. Thomas and Charlie sent the line OS-OW and FM. We were really happy for both of them but especially for Charlie. It was his second highline send after the "Chongo Gap". It is a big jump! Congratulations dude, well done!

Jan Gałek sending

  We spent the last day tricklining and enjoying time together slacklining with some locals. Nathan sent both lines (Gibbon and 1" tubular)! Jordan got some amazing photos and it was a good 'chill out' day. We were pretty tired. Really hard sun, the dust and Jordan being sick made the three of us willing to come back to US. We said good bye to our good friends Thomas, Charlie and Nathan, left our Jibline for Nathan and started 15 hours drive back to LA.

  After 'only' three military check-points, two border check-points including searching our car by the drugs sniffing dog, being stopped on the highway by police officer without any reason and than had to ask him to jump our car after the battery died we were back in LA.

  Dirty, tired but happy we rest right now and soon we will share more photos, full story and the movie from our adventure. We just have to go through 33GB of video footage and bunch of photos (big thanks to GoPro and Thomas and Charlie for help with filming). We miss our friends and Mexican food. We will come back one day ...

Big fire

Faith being badass

Here is the LINK to the full photo-gallery from "Las Desgracia de Coches" Highline on our website.

Peace & SlackOn!

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