Thursday, 17 February 2011

Old Man Highline

Scott pulling  up the lines.
So after LA, we travelled to Tucson, Arizona to meet up with Quinn Carrasco and Scott Turpin to repeat some spectacular lines on Windy Point, Mt. Lemmon.

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Jan free solo
The first, Old Man, was established by Scott Balcom and Darren Carter, if you've never heard these names before, shame on you :)
because these are the original gangsters of highlining.  This was one of the lines that they were using to practice for the spire, seeing as it's almost exactly the same length.  They were trying out different rigs, seeing what was most comfortable and safe, it's really cool to have been one of only a few people to walk this classic but virtually unknown line.  

You can see a video made about Darren that Scott made here:
 (it's a pretty awesome video, by the way.  check to see how much slack he has in his line.  also, take a look at 'slackdaddytools' channel on youtube, there are lots of amazing old videos)

Quinn is a badass.

Just a quick history recap, Scott Balcom rigged and walked the first highline ever on the spire, and before that under a freeway overpass in Pasadena.  Darren was the first person to free solo the Lost Arrow Spire and was a huge influence on the sport as it was developing in the late 80s and early 90s.  Both of them were out there highlining before there was any sort of research or knowledge about what would happen, and for that we give a huge amount of respect.

Faith free solo

Over the years, the bolts on the one side of the cliff had gotten old, and with the original rigging, the line was completely unlevel.  So the line was re-bolted by Quinn and Scott Turpin who are also further developing the area.

We were also able to bolt a new line, about 35m at the very top of Windy Point, pics coming soon!

Scott completing the full-man
Jan and Faith both added another free solo to their resume, impressive and inspiring for the others to watch. 
More stories and pictures from highlining at Mt. Lemmon coming soon!

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