Thursday, 10 February 2011

Robot Vs. Dinosaur [New 30m Highline]


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God. Damn. Canadians.
     As our last adventure in Mexico, we were finally able to set up a line in Cataviña.
    After many hours of searching, which was funny because we were sweating without tshirts on and our mexican friend Nathan was in heavy jeans, a flannel and with a jacket wrapped around his waist.

     But we walked for an entire day, in three different locations before we actually found the line.  Everyone had pretty much given up and took a siesta to eat something, but jordan had seen a possibility right at the entrance to the last location, and went back to check it out.
Faith sending in the ankle leash
The line was not extraordinarily high, but still quite exposed and just a lot of fun to walk.

    Late in the day, Janek managed up the effort to make the free solo,
Walking the ankle, preparing for the free solo
so Janek has a new free solo personal best at 30m.
Huge congratulations go out to him.

Faith sending Onsight in an Ankle Leash
Charlie Long was also able to walk the line without too much difficulty.  this is impressive seeing as how he has only successfully completed one line before this, and even that was only 7m.  So also a lot of respect to charlie.
     He and Thomas are still raging in Mexico, they established 3 lines since we left, the most recent over a waterfall.
We'll post a link to their pics as soon as we get them.

That's it for now, tomorrow we leave for Tuscon and possibly Flagstaff, then to Cathedral Rock and then back into Texas. Keep checking in to see the new projects!
Jan Getting the First Send

Full Gallery: Here

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