Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hawks Bill Highlines

Full gallery: HERE

 After the amazingly beautiful "Old Man" Highline, it was time to send some more lines. In short, we walked 4 highlines in 4 days, tricklined, climbed and had a blast with Tucson crew (special thanks goes to Quinn Carrasco, Matthew Donahue and Scott Turpin)!
 We went to set up the two Hawks Bill lines with the Tucson crew. The shorter one was 50' and the  longer measured in at around 150' long. Both lines are around 200' - 300' above the ground with mind-blowing exposure and beautiful view of Tucson.
 The idea at the begging was to rig and walk both lines during one day but, as always, it took a bit longer in reality. We got both lines rigged during one day and the three of us sent the shorter line. Everyone had great time on the line. Scott did really nice and smooth walk in a swami, Quinn through up some nice trick and was super solid on the line all the time, impressing all of us and Matt got some goo tries.

Matt being epic

Janek got second free-solo in Tucson which is highest leash-less send so far. Just before the sunset Jordan walked the 150' OS&FM. That was really cool send to watch and our new rig (mantra + type18 back-up) seemed to work pretty well.

Janek sending 150'

 On the second day we installed some crazy system to get some nice and smooth highline shots. We left only one bolt and rigged the rest of the anchor work with spansets and camalots. After watching the footage - it was 100% worth it! The footage could be better but we learned a lot and continue to improve, a never ending learning process. Faith and Janek both got OW send although Faith almost send other way but the wind and the sun decided other way. Janek had a pleasure to make friends with few bees on the way to the other anchor. Something went wrong and after an attack he ran away like a sissy.

Crazy instalation

  The movie should come up in a while. You have our word - it should be pretty amazing! For now, check out photo gallery from Jordan and the movie from Scott, Quinn and Hayden putting up the FA of the longer Hawks Bill line. The post from our 4th line on Mt. Lemmon is coming soon!

Full gallery: HERE

Peace & SlackOn!

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