Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ghost Town Gas Station

While staying in Cataviña, we had noticed an old, abandoned gas station just sitting there with nothing to do.  So we decided to rig up a couple of lines for the locals who had been so nice to us, and to get some nice pictures at sunset.

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We had stopped to help a group of women who's car had overheated, who happened to be travelling to Cataviña as well.  It turns out that they had a hole in the radiator and had to go back to the next town to have it repaired, but the eldest needed to get to her family, so we took her along with us.

She was extremely nice, and introduced us to Nathan, a local who had some knowledge of climbing and nature.  He was also an amazing photographer, you can check out his website here:
and we were also allowed to camp on their property for free!  We stayed amongst a sea of dead cars and tractors, but with plenty of space and plenty of firewood.

A huge thanks to Nathan and the people at the cafe in Cataviña, we will see you again soon!

Now for some pictures:

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  1. Catavina is a magical place. Glad you guys had some experiences there. Saw your swingline video from Moab. (Where I live.) Hope more Mexico adventures are in store.