Tuesday, 3 May 2011

France 2011

Recently, I went down to southern France to visit some friends and do some new lines with Tancrede. 

See the full gallery HERE

We headed out from Berlin and down towards Frankfurt, where we visited some friends of Annalena and I was lucky enough to get a very rare piece of dark wood for my new chess set.  After that we traveled further to Clairmont-Ferrand, to visit some more friends and break up the driving.

Finally we went to meet Tancrede, and got to do some climbing and highlining in warm, sunny southern France. Unfortunately for me, I was sick for the entire trip, two weeks in all, and was also climbing on a broken toe. Tancrede was also in the middle of preparing his van, but we got a couple of lines done as well as a lot of climbing.  Montpilier is a wonderful place to live, in 20 minutes, you have mountains, in 20 minutes you have the sea, caving, wonderful weather, quite a spectacular location.
Tancrede free solo

We were able to do two lines, we attempted a third, but actually ended up pulling down some rock in the process.  You can read Tancrede's Report HERE
Tancrede surveying the damage

All in all, we had a good time, participated in the opening of a new river line, and had some fun on the shorter line with Future Makers. A big thanks go out to Tancrede, Christian and the other french crew for rigging and bolting the lines.

After leaving Tancrede, we headed finally to Tolouse, to visit Arnd and Gael. While there, we managed to set up a new 40m waterline over the river, which was especially funny because I was only a couple meters above the tour boats that constantly drove through. The tourists really seemed to like it, the police, on the other hand, did not, and we eventually got shut down.
Hello Tourists!

But I did get to walk this line about 12 times back and forth before the police came, and managed to stop a lot of unsuspecting french citizens in the process. Celine Sadonnet was there to take pictures:
see her gallery HERE
walk number 10


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