Monday, 6 May 2013

US Trip 2013 - Take 7; Humboldt Madness

Last weekend Jordan, Jerry and I had a pleasure to visit Arcada during first 'Humboldt Highline/Longline Festival'. Humboldt is mainly known from the THC (trickline competition originally started by Andy Lewis, which is on now for quite few years). It must be said even though the highlines rigged during the festival are tree-highlines they are really epic and some of them pretty exposed. Red Woods is quite magical place. Massive sequoias covered with moss, green dells coated in ferns makes it really cool experience and perfect highline spot. I had no idea that sequoias have common root system so they are one of the biggest if not the biggest living organism on our planet (!)

Jerry rigging (photo by Jordan Tybon)
More of Jerry rigging (photo by Jordan Tybon)

I drove from Davis together with my friend Jerry and Jordan joined us few hours later after few last skydives in Lodi at the morning. The way to Arcada was truly beautiful and we definitely saw more then few 'highlineable' spots on the way. We arrived late afternoon and went to the forest to check some highlines and rig some more. Unfortunately the organizer of the event couldn't be there with us because of some important business so our three finished rigging 4 highlines, finishing the festival with six lines in total (not bad at all) ...

Rigging on the "Over The River" (photo by Jordan Tybon)
Jerry clipping second pulley system to the back-up webbing (photo by Jordan Tybon)

When we showed up on the spot one short line was rigged ("Stumpy" Highline) and few people were hanging out. I met some of them during our short trip to Yosemite but most of them I had a pleasure to meet for the first time. I don't think I need to say it again but ... highliners are awesome people!

Jerry sending the "Over The River" Highline (photo by Jordan Tybon)
Jerry on the 41m line (photo by Jordan Tybon)

Together with Jerry we rigged another fun highline (41m length on double Type-18 MKII) and cruised it after rigging. I got a nice relaxing freesoloco on the "Stumpy" and Jordan send it pretty much at night in a beltloop-swami (that was pretty scary to watch). After that we went to eat and crush to rage next day.

On of many free-solo sends on the "Stumpy" (photo by Jordan Tybon)

We spent most of the Saturday rigging next free-lines. We got 65m "Over The River", 23m "Through The Woods" and 50m "To The Grandfathers House We Go". Both 65m and 50m were rigged on double Type-18 MKII. BTW I love my new highline set-up which is green and dark blue Type-18 MKII taped together. It looks just beautiful.

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