Wednesday, 24 April 2013

US Trip 2013 - Take 6; Bay Area Chillout Part 1; 'Hole Rock' Highline

We had a lazy start after the day before when we rigged and seshed 'Unicorn Graveyard' Highline. It took us long time to wake up, eat breakfast and so on and when we showed up at the Bridges Rock Gym it was almost 2pm. Damian was ready to gave up on us, but we spoke for a short moment and decided to go on a REALLY fast run.

We were getting ready for the 'Hole Rock' Highline (23m L/21m H/1219m of exposure). The line with which I had unfinished business since my first trip to USA in 2007. After our Yosemite trip Damian Cooksey, Jon Ritson and I went to bolt and rig this line on Mount Saint Helena. It was a really hot day, the hike is not so short and the last part of it is brutal scramble through sharp and spiny chaparral. The time in Yosemite had us in the mindset that we didn't need to carry water. Unfortunately on Mount Saint Helena there is no springs and we had 1/2 liter of water in between three of us. We finished finding and scoping the line but we had no power and time to bolt, rig and walk. Jon and I were so dehydrated we almost passed out.

Soon after that Damian went back to finish the line together with Pierre Carrillo, Andy Lewis, Jenna and others. I always wished I could be there and during that trip I could finally get a second chance.

From the left; The Hole Rock and The Hailstone Rock
Damian Cooksey putting up FA of the 'Hole Rock' Highline (Jan 19, 2008)

More info about the line:
- link 1,
- link 2 (go to the 7th page).

This time after chaotic but really fast gear preparation DamianAlex, Jared, Jordan and I were off for a late afternoon adventure. We were unaware it's not such a fast drive and approach but we knew we can do it if we are fast. The way there was really funny. Swearing at bad traffic, talking stupid stuff and joking all the way to our destination. The talking was over as soon as we started hiking. Deadly pace killed all conversation and everyone was focused on just going fast and catching a breath. The bushwhacking and loose rock sliding at the end was kind of funny experience but I wish I had my long pants on for that. We were under Hailstone Rock exactly after one hour - not bad!

Alex almost at our spot (photo Jordan Tybon)
Rock-Skiing ... (photo by Jordan Tybon)
Re-packing next to the Hailstone Rock (photo by Jordan Tybon)

Immediately we started setting up the line. I forgot how beautiful this place was and about red ants too ;) ... Damian went to not tensioning side and Jordan and I accompanied by or small monkey Alex, finished the rest of rigging.

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