Sunday, 21 April 2013

US Trip 2013 - Take 5; Bay Area Chillout Part 1; 'Unicorn Graveyard' Highline

As soon as we got back to Lodi from our 2-day quickie in Yosemite Valley the weather decided to get windy again (sigh!) ... Faced with non skydiving conditions we were forced to continue the rage ;) Faith unexpectedly had to leave to Austin because of the important personal reason so we couldn't enjoy this time together. Short conversation with Jordan made everything clear and after a quick call to my old friend Damian Cooksey we were on out way to San Francisco. Sitting in a car I was excited about meeting him again after almost 3 years. Damian has been an mentor and inspiration to me for a really long time, we shared some amazing times during our trip in 2007 and other places. Actually he never stops inspiring, lately establishing and sending long 'Yosemite Falls' Highline which is double length of original line ...

While sitting in a car I was wondering how he is now and going through the old memories. We arrived in Berkley at the Bridges Rock Gym late afternoon, met up with Damian and Alex and spoke for quite a long time. I was glad to see Damian being happy and full of energy. We made some plans for next visit in Yosemite and I am truly glad Damian will be there with us. Next we went quickly to pick up Max and Jared from Oakland and rode back to the Gym to slackline and boulder for the rest of the day. Bridges Rock Gym is such a fun place to play. We climbed bunch of problems from V1-V7, tricklined, slacklined and even set up small and fun rodeoline.

Rodeo surfing
Getting close to the wall ...
Max on the fun V4 arete
V3 ...
... fun dyno
Jordan crimipin' on a hard V7

Damian and his fiancee Gail invited us for dinner. We enjoyed amazing home made pizza, had a good conversations, played with two adorable dogs and made plans for the next couple days.

After I've seen video of Faith and other peeps sending 'Unicorn Graveyard' Highline I immediately put it on my 'to do' list. Now we had a chance to repeat that amazing line laying next to the Pacific Ocean with the overview at Golden Gate Bridge.

We started next day repeating the session at the Bridges Rock Gym and then together with Max and Jared went to set up this gorgeous line. Both sides offer natural anchors. You just have to sling some boulders and it is ready. The line it self is 41m long and around 20m high. We rigged the line with Type-18 MKII and dynamic rope back-up (8.5mm diameter). It turned out to be perfect set up and the tension we got was just right.

The way down ... (photo by Jordan Tybon)
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