Saturday, 20 April 2013

US Trip 2013 - Take 4; Two-Day Quickie with Yosemite Valley

It has been already a week since Faith, Jordan, Andrew and I went together to Yosemite for a two day adventure. The plan was to send 'Yosemite Falls Classic' Highline and set-up and get some practice walks on 'Lost Arrow Spire Classic' Highline. We decided for that quick weekend action because of the super-windy weather in Lodi/CA which made it impossible to jump and land safely at the dropzone.

Our car 'Karl' ready for the Yosemite adventure photo by Jordan Tybon)

I have unfinished business with 'Yosemite Falls Classic' Highline since 2007 when Damian Cooksey, Jon Ritson and I bolted and established this line. During this trip I've sent the 'L.A.S. Classic' becoming 1st Pole to walk it and 4th person sending it OS-FM. Although, even I tried really hard, and got 3/4 of the line I couldn't send the Falls line. At that time my longest highline was 20 meters long. Heavy 'Yosemite Falls' Highline rigging (threaded tubular + tubular + 11mm diameter dynamic rope back-up) and massive exposure stopped me. The only people to send at the time where Damian Cooksey (FA, OS-OW&FM) and Corbin Usinger (OW).

Sending the 'L.A.S. Classic' Highline back in 2007

Compilation of Damian Cooksey sending the 'L.A.S. Classic' in 2007

We arrived in Yosemite pretty late and missed closing hour of Wilderness Center by just like 10 or 15 minutes. We registered that day but couldn't get the bear-containers without which we couldn't start hiking up the Yosemite Falls trail. Having no choice we decided to camp one night at legendary Camp 4. It was nice feeling to be back again together there after three years. After setting up tents we cooked amazing dinner to get the power needed for the next day battle.

Organizing and packing gear at the morning (photo by Jordan Tybon)

I woke up at 7am, ate quick small breakfast and started organizing and packing the gear. Our common friend Dave Meyers arrived in a middle of the night together with his girlfriend and few other friends. The plan was to get the bear-boxes at 9am when the office opens but of course we finally it took us way longer and eventually started hiking up the trail at 11.30am.

Faith hiking the last brutal part of Yosemite Falls trail (photo by Jordan Tybon)

I always forget that Yosemite Falls trail is no joke with a heavy haulbag. On the way back met bunch of other slackers I never seen before. The last part of the Yosemite Falls is brutal switch-back in a full sun and on a shitty annoying trail. I was slowly moving forward and finally reached the top after 1 hour an 50 minutes. Not bad considering that was my first hiking in a long time. I went down to Yosemite Falls line to say hello to everyone and see how is the line and the conditions.

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