Friday, 19 November 2010

Article about 623 feet longline in Austin Statesman newspaper

On Wednesday 17th of November Jordan, Faith and Janek went to rig some big line with my new 220m long piece of "Strong II" webbing from Slackline-Tools. We went to the Zilker Park in Austin where there is definitely enough open space to set up some monster lines.
Some other local slackliners showed up and, of course, Tar Zen was first as usual. On the way to the park we met old-school Austin slackliner named Boswell. We found a beautiful spot for the 190m long (623 feet) line between two solid trees.
To set up the line we had to find the best way to do it. We have only one pair of double 3" SMC pulleys which together with single pulley from CT, the SMC Rigging Plate and Petzl ID as our 6:1 base pulley system. Because our rope was too short (65m) to set up the line with only one pulley system, we had to pre-tension the line with a lineGrip from the other side. After removing all the slack and pre-tensioning the line we could use the main pulley system. We had plenty of people to pull (and Tar Zen is about equal to two of us - he weights 200 pounds), and after rigging a multiplier with one single and one double CT pulley we had zero problems with tensioning the line, although we had to lock the ID every time we were moving multiplier - the rope was slipping through it.
The day was super nice and sunny. The only problem we had was crazy wind conditions. The line was going scarring everyone in the park.
Faith went first, got pretty good wind conditions and walked the line OS full-babe. So again new female longline record goes to my girlfriend, congratulations!
Janek was next to try the line. Janek felt super good and the webbing was nice and easy to walk - we were all amazed at how good it felt. The wind went crazy when Janek was finishing the line. He fell few meters before the end - god damn you wind! Jordan had some pretty nice tries at the begging but the wind was brutal and he decided to rest and wait. Janek walked the line OS from the other direction. While he was on the line the firetruck stopped next to the anchor and all the firefighters were watching. We were worried they would make us take it down, but they had just seen it from the road and were amazed and wanted to check out the rigging. We got this on tape - it is pretty funny.
In the next try Jordan almost sent the line falling just one meter before the anchor. This time the reason was branches which were quite annoying to walk through. He was walking in the darkness on the way back. No wind conditions made it even harder. It looked like good workout.
During the day the photographer from Austin Statesman newspaper we met other day came to take pictures of us. Photo of Faith on the line and short description were posted in the newspaper next day. Check it out!

More pictures from Jordan:

Jan Gałek sending the line (OW)

Faith finishing the walk in both directions

and one more picture with the city centre at the background

Peace & SlackOn!!

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great time...peace from berlin