Saturday, 20 November 2010

"Walk in the Park" Highline

Last Monday, the 15th of November, Somewhereelseland team set up the first highline in Austin (TX). The three of us went to the Pedestrian Bridge and set up short highline right where the bridge splits into a 'Y'.

Location of the "Pedestrian Bridge" Highline

The line was really short (about 8 meters) and about 10 to 15m above the water. Unfortunately, we were unable to rig anything longer because at longer distances, the anchors were unlevel.
Faith went first and sent the line OS & FM in a swami. She did some nice static poses together with the double drop-knee in the middle of the line. So, the first highline in Austin (maybe Texas state) was walked by Texan, thank god! After Faith Janek walked in the belt-loop-swami OS & FM.
After these two walks, Jordan sent it in a belt-loop-swami and Faith and Janek free-soloed our tiny line.
Also worth noting, a local slackliner named Tar Zen sent the line too as his first highline. Congratulations Tar Zen!! Good job!

We met a lot of nice people and gave away bunch of our business cards. Later we thought what we really need is a somewhereelseland banner, and we think we have a deal with a local printing to trade us a free banner for some promotion, which is awesome!
One of the guys we met was photographer from the Austin Statesman newspaper. He didn't manage any photos of us walking the line but we exchanged the numbers and promised to let him know if we will do anything cool slackline-related. He attended the longline session and got Faith's picture in the paper, and was also present for our longer bridge line, hopefully we will see something soon.

More photos from Jordan:

We took a lot of footage with our video camera. Soon we will post first clip from our bi-weekly video documentary.

Peace & SlackOn!

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