Monday, 22 November 2010

On the way to Moab (UT)

So after 10 days spent together in Austin we decided to move finally. Today at the evening or tomorrow at the morning we will leave to Moab (UT) to take part in the G.G.B.Y.3 highline gathering. The drive from Austin in Texas to the destination will probably take about 18 hours.
Yesterday Janek prepared and packed all the gear needed for this part of our trip so we are ready to go. The car is fixed and drives well. We have to pack everything, buy food and soon we will be highlining in Moab with all the guys.
Faith called Terry and and the weather conditions in Moab are not perfect (cold, a bit of snow) but it should get much better next days. We are taking all our warm clothes and down sleeping bags from Deuter but we do not have any tents. Probably we will have to use shelters we got.

We will stay in Moab for maximum two weeks. On 30th of November our friend Heinz Zak will come and join us to highline together and take photos. After Moab other friend of us Mich Kemeter will join our trip.

Stay tuned for the updates from Moab. We are going to walk some huge lines, bolt new projects and hopefully get some new bold sends.

To learn more about last year G.G.B.Y.2 gathering click HERE.

Photo Gallery:

Part 1
Part 2

Peace & SlackOn!

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